Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fun Stuff

I finally convinced Shae to go to a spin class with me! I had gone in the morning with Scott, so it was MY SECOND ONE THAT DAY! As you can see, she was a bit skeptical.
It was an extra tough class, TONS of "hovering"(lean forward bend down but don't sit on the seat). She was giving me dirty looks through the dripping sweat the whole time!
I have to admit, I actually kinda like cycling (it beats the boring cardio room any day), although I would NEVER be able to do it on the open road! Scott and I go 5 times a week. Shae found a whole new respect for her "old parents"!
Since Shae was already really liking me after the class, I decided to take advantage of it and go run some errands, leaving Lindsay with her. Lindsay is a talker so I am sure Shae was extra weary of answering questions and responding to all her comments.
Lindsay gently reminds her, "but I am your wittle sister, come pway with me." How can you resist that request! Next year Lindsay will be missing Shae so much. She loves for Shae to come snuggle in her bed in the mornings, and calls out until she comes!!!

We are getting some clear skies this weekend so I am hoping to go walk the trail at the Sacramento River with Lindsay, I will be sure to bring my camera. Scott and Anna are at camp serving a big High School Snow camp this weekend, so we may just eat at Taco Bell and NOT mess up the kitchen here!


joyfullytiredmom said...

ok, I know my post is delayed...but PLEASE, please, please tell me you did NOT go eat at Taco Bell...Come on! what's the point of all that spinning girlfriend???
skip the processed food and think about the goal of Shaes graduation!

Momofgirls said...

We never left the house, Laurie! So no worries!! Haha That is funny though! Lindsay is a salad girl, she even asks for it for breakfast!