Saturday, February 20, 2010

Riding the River Trail

Scott, Anna and Shae took advantage of the beautiful weather today and went to ride bikes at the trail along the Sacramento River. We have looked and looked for some kind of seat/trailer thing to allow Lindsay to enjoy the rides too, making it possible for ALL of us to be included. Until we find some kind of " Kiddie seat" to fit a 5'4' 100 lb BIG girl, Lindsay and I will be sorta left out :(
It was so clear and warm today. You can see the snow on all the mountains surrounding Redding, which makes me believe Scott when he says "we live in paradise!" The weatherman is predicting a rainy week, so we plan to be outside as much as possible this weekend. I love the mild sunny days but I also realize how badly we need the rain. It's good to get a sunny break after a week of storms, the pattern our weather has taken this year suits me just fine!
Anna had a chance to ride her new bike, she just needs a cute pink helmet, basket and water bottle to go with it.
Scott packed them a lunch to enjoy near the water too. What lucky girls to have such a great Dad!
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jennifer.dangc. said...

ugg, I am so jealous of the weather there!!
LOVE riding on the river trail!! lol, just attach a wagon on the back of a bike!

Momofgirls said...

Jenn... it was beautiful today too!! Rain is coming on Tuesday though.
Don't think Scott hasn't tried rigging up some unsafe things for Lindsay!! You know how he is!!