Saturday, February 27, 2010

Garage Clean Out 2010

Well, our garage has taken the brunt of our busy lives lately, as you can see!
Scott and I were in Costco last week when I saw the most adorable cake pedestals, a set of 2 with fluted edges for only $19.99. I begged, he said NO. Then he made me a deal, I had to get rid of 5 things and I could get them! Today was gorgeous and hot, so we decided today was "garage clean out 2010".
I got right to work on my areas. See that dresser? I sent one text message and it was sold! I had to go into the house to dress Lindsay so I was gone oh, maybe 5 minutes, when I heard the familiar dribbling of a basketball.
I walked back into the garage to see that Scott was missing!
But," Michael Jordan" was in the driveway having himself a little "dunkfest".
Impressive, but don't we have a task to complete?!
Seriously, you still "got game" but let's try to stay on task.
Okay, it looks like that is out of your system, and hopefully you won't be sore tomorrow.Onward to the mess!
Wow! Look what Mama can do in between getting people dressed, loading the dishwasher, throwing in a load of clothes, loading the car with all the stuff to donate....Uh, yep, my side is totally finished {and I got rid of waaaaaay more than 5 things!!}
After switching the laundry this is what I saw! Which means he had to run into his office to get his guitar to play along with the song! (and it was a dorky Garrison Keelor song!) Okay, maybe now he will stay on task now that that is out of his system.
Anna was a trooper, organizing her doll clothes and letting go of most of the Barbies!
See, after you finish your task it is fun to reward yourself with a little recreation! This was adorable to watch. Anna had Lindsay in full protective gear for a lesson in throwing a softball.
And I am not kidding, when I came back from dropping off the stuff in my car to the thrift store I found Scott lighting gun powder on fire on his work bench! He was tickled with himself that he had found it while cleaning and I guess if you find gunpowder, you must light it!

He may be easily distracted but he is a good boy with a BIG heart. He asked me to go out to his truck and bring him the box behind the driver's seat. I went out thinking, oh great, more distractions....
But, I found the cake pedestal set from Costco! I {love} him whether his side of the garage is clean or not!
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Jacquee said...

Good job! I have to tackle our garage soon too. Thanks for the motivation. What a sweet hubby to have bought you that cake stand. Now I want one too. =0)

Jenn said...

too was a good weekend for garage clean outs. Any Barbie items up for grabs or all still in use??

jennifer.dangc. said...

Haha, I was thinking "this is SO Joe!" while reading your post about Scott! LOVING the cake stands! We don't have a Costco but I'll have to check Sam's Club to see if they have them!

Julie said...

Love your cake stands!!! I enjoyed reading your post and laughing and laughing! Scott is a big "boy" at heart. Would you like to help me with my garage? Ha! Ha!

Dolly said...

I love seeing before and after pictures of garage clean ups. Garages are so easy to get cluttery and the last to get cleaned. Good job! Looks like ya'll have great weather there too. So nice!

Christy said...

How thoughtful!!! That was really sweet of Scott to do that--and you now have a clean garage too. Way to go!

Kate~ said...

Inger I think it's true that the "boy" in our husbands never leave...haha Which one of the reasons I love Dave. When I got home from a trip once I began to clean house and while moving the curtain back I looked up to see a toy G.I Joe hanging off the curtain rod.. I said Dave what is this? HE relpied, My G.I Joe he's hanging out. How funny!

Kristen said...

Your husband cleans like mine does - looks like he made up for it with being so thoughtful! LOVE those cake stands - too cute!