Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nothing Much

Today was bright, sunny and 75. It was beautiful!
Over the weekend Scott, Shae and Anna were at camp, there was a High School retreat and lots of Shae's friends were there so she thought it would be fun to go up for the weekend. She got right into the kitchen and took over where she left off last summer.

There was time for fun too, though!
Shae and her summer kitchen buddy, Denae.
Taking the little sister for a ride...hope she was kind!
Shannon taking Shae for a ride.
The girls enjoyed the snow (what was left after the rain!) and came home excited for summertime at Lassen Pines.
Lindsay said she wants to go next time. She and I just "chillaxed" all weekend at home. I caught up on all the laundry and ironing. She doesn't really do well in the cold, and don't get me started on trying to get her around on ice!!
We have been so jealous of all the snow all over the East coast, but Scott reminds me that it is terrible to get around in. In the words of Hannah Montana, "We've got the best of both worlds", beautiful spring-like weather at home and snow just a short 45 minute drive away...at our 2nd home!!
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Amy said...

I want to come 'chillax' with you in the 75 degree temps!!

Kristi Smalley said...

What a blast! You really do have the best of both worlds.