Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ladies Who Lunch

Our weather has been beautifully Spring-like this week. Rain is coming this weekend so when Shae invited me to come {bring lunch} have lunch with her, I figured I should take advantage since next year that will be impossible!
74 degrees and breezy!!
I picked up salads from our favorite place and we enjoyed our lunch in the sunshine. I love that girl so much!!
The next day Lindsay had her annual check up where she has gone to physical and occupational therapy since her brain injury. It is always a very long wait for our turn, she missed the whole morning of school she said, "Mommy, I don't feel like going to school, can I just skip?" I said yes and suggested we have a picnic by the river. She was VERY happy!
We went through the Arby's drive thru (Lindsay LOVES Arby's and I used to, but boy did I feel yucky after that sandwich!) and then headed to the park near the river.
After we ate, we walked down by the water to get a few rocks for Lindsay's rock collection. She was a little nervous about being "near" the water while we ate, but soon realized that it wasn't "scary wave water like at the ocean" so she relaxed and enjoyed herself.
I was so happy that she could actually see the Sundial Bridge (behind her in the picture) from such a distance! She wants to have another picnic with a bigger blanket and the rest of our family! I am hoping to round out my week by having lunch with Miss Anna tomorrow... if she will allow me (5th graders are sometimes embarrassed of their parents, even the super-cool ones like us!)
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Kim said...

I loved your post today. I still lunch with my almost grown up kids and teenage kid too. Anytime you bring food they will accept you! Nice pictures too.

chloesgram said...

...and you are a VERY cool family!!!24

Pauline said...

Hi Inger! Jerry and I spent the night in Redding in July 2007, on our way to Sisters, OR, for their annual outdoor quilt show. I had seen photos of the Sundial Bridge on another blog and was really fascinated by it. So I was glad to get to see it and walk across it when we stayed in Redding. Great photos!