Monday, February 22, 2010

Winter Semi Formal

Shae's school had the Winter semi-formal on Saturday night. It is a fun chance to get all dressed up and hang out with your friends...what could be better?!
These girls went together this year~WHO needs boys?
Maeghan's dad let them take the Mustang, don't they look so cute in it??
The girls went to dinner at a very nice place, Nello's. Delicious Italian food! While they were eating, a certain Daddy went and secretly paid their bill. {I picked a goooood man, I tell ya'}
I grew up in a VERY conservative church and home, so we NEVER *gasp* "danced". At the event this weekend, the kids learned ballroom dancing. They have a teacher {the math teacher} who brings his wife and they teach the kids in lines, rotating partners. They have done this for 3 years now. I thought the kids would NEVER do it, but they LOVE it!! It is good to see them just having fun and not being embarrassed to try.
Mr. Filkins and his wife are so cute, and they are really good!
These kids clean up so nicely!
This is Shae and her childhood BFF, Kitty May. She lived across the street from us since they were 18 months old and were inseparable until Kitty's family moved across town. She spent many summers at camp with us when the girls were little.
Some of the senior girls, they are a beautiful bunch~inside and out!
More Seniors. They can *never* take a serious picture.
Here are the smart, dateless girls. They had an Audrey Hepburn movie marathon after the event, in true "girls night out" fashion. They are all college bound and I am so proud of the women they are becoming. They all have a love for the Lord and want to do right, what a blessing they have all been to their parents and those around them.
We are already shopping for another dress for the Spring Formal! Hope Anna likes all Shae's choices since I am saving every one of them for her!

By the way, if you are wondering how I got all the pictures, Shae and Maeghan actually asked their Moms to come take pictures! We LOVE crashing the events to get pictures! {Stacy and I did leave and go to TJMaxx and then we came back at the end!}

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Dolly said...

Inger, you're on a roll with blogging. I'm so behind in commenting but loved seeing all the pics and what ya'll have been up to. Shae looks so beautiful and it's really nice that she and her friends still include their moms in all the fun.
I love her t-shirt too while she's riding her bike! So neat to think she'll be here next year but I know you're sad. Oh, and I got your comment on my blog. When you come to Lburg to drop her off, a lunch date will be planned for sure!!!

Kim said...

Beautiful girls making beautiful memories. I'll bet they had so much fun going with their friends and not guys! Bravo!

Donna said...

I'm just getting caught up on blogs and Dolly is right! You are on a ROLL! It's been busy at your house lately, I guess, huh? I know Shae is having a blast her senior year at school. I love how she and her friends attended the party together! I know that made you proud:)

Heather said...

What a great night, what beautiful girls!! Just found your blog and am your newest follower! You have a beautiful family!!

Christy said...

Inger, you're such a great mom! :) And Shae is just beautiful and so many of your blogs recently have taken me back to my high school days. :) FUN! Oh,and you DO live in paradise! I looooooooove Redding!!!! Want to come back one of these days! :)